New in ACM ToG: Wood Pixels and Looking around Corners

New in ACM ToG: Wood Pixels and Looking around Corners
We just published two exciting articles in the top journal ACM Transactions on Graphics.

Introducing Wood Pixels

Introducing Wood Pixels
We’ve manufactured a first series of wood pictures using the technique described in our recent paper on Computational Parquetry. Find a gallery of artworks here.

Honorable Mention at VMV 2019

The paper “Trigonometric Moments for Editable Structured Light Range Finding” by Sebastian Werner et al. was awarded a Honorable Mention at this year’s Vision, Modeling and Visualization Conference in Rostock.

Bachelor’s and master’s projects available

We are constantly seeking students who want to pursue their thesis project in computer graphics and computational imaging. If you are interested, please contact Professor Hullin via e-mail or in person.

Best Poster Award at ISS 2018

Rodrigo Martín’s poster on Material Sonification in Touchscreen Devices was awarded Best Poster at the ACM 2018 International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS) in Tokyo.

Matthias Hullin receives ERC Starting Grant

Matthias Hullin receives ERC Starting Grant
Computer science professor at the University of Bonn uses light echoes to make the invisible visible Prof. Dr. Matthias B. Hullin, head of the Digital Material Appearance work group at the Institute of Computer Science II at the University of Bonn, has received a coveted Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). This will ...

New paper accepted to Eurographics 2018

After Sebastian Werner introduced our new shading model for iridescent scratches at SIGGRAPH Asia last year, Zdravko Velinov will be presenting the real-time version at Eurographics 2018 in Delft. More details here:

Two papers accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2017

We will be presenting two exciting papers at SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 in Bangkok. Please find preprints and additional materials here:

Computational Light Transport Lab at SIGGRAPH 2017!

The Computational Light Transport Lab will be giving two presentations at this year’s SIGGRAPH: a Technical Paper (4D Imaging through Spray-On Optics) and an Emerging Technologies Exhibit (Non-Line-of-Sight MoCap). See us there!